Power to the Beetle!

With the the end of the GameOff 2021 Game Jam rapidly approaching I managed to squeeze in one final major feature - Power Ups!

Power-ups appear as bubbles that you need to pop to receive their trapped content.  Beware though  - only the green bubbles are actually power-ups, red ones are power-downs (TM).

Power-ups and downs affect things like engine torque, type grip and transmission type, switching between 2WD  and 4X4 modes.

Some bubbles are white and you need to hit them to reveal whether they are of the good Green variety or bad Red variety - a bit like apples in reverse really (not a big Granny Smith fan).

I thought all that could use a little explanation so I built a basic in-game tutorial into the first level where the ladybug lays out the basics for the player.

In the end the power-ups has turned out to be one of the biggest UX challenge in the development of the game and gave me a chance to dust off and exercise some design skills.

I think the system still needs some tweaking and optimization as well as fine tuning the distribution of bubble types across the levels.  Check it out and let me know what I should change. 

Thanks for reading!

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