Enter Galaxeroids!

Hello itch.io! 

Galaxeroids is my entry to the 2017 GitHub Game Off. Its a retro arcade shooter homage to the late 70s classics that I'm basically using to recreate some fond childhood memories of the machines of that era with some newer game mechanics thrown in for extra fun.

I am writing it entirely in-browser using Glitch for code and Piskel for graphics. I use Pixi.js for general rendering and animation duties and GSAP mostly for the alien attack animations.

It supports a number of input methods - touch, keyboard and joystick (in Chrome at least - I need to so some more work on cross browser joystick support).

The app uses uncompiled ES6 (view source actually works) so it requires a fairly modern browser. I try to playtest it in Chrome (Windows, Android), Firefox (Windows) and Edge. If you find issues these (or other) patforms let me know! 

I think the gameplay basics are mostly there. Next up is some polish - fix some bugs, tweaking and tuning, better graphics and sounds. I will also add more levels and make the final boss a bit more engaging. If I get time I would like to make it multi-stage with different bosses. Not sure that will make the GameOff deadline though...

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